Sunday, August 20, 2017

8/19: Arrival on Ingoya

Saturday marked our 8:30 departure from the Hurtigruten in Havoysund to load a friend's (Joakim) fishing boat and make the crossing to Ingoya. Travel was smooth with the aid of fresh air and a few 'fisherman's friends' and we made our reunion on the island with Thorleif and Ann. Rooms were squared away and after provisions/belongings were organized we made our way to the grocery store and then the beach to retrieve some shells for Maddie. After collecting specimens, we were treated to an amazing dinner with friends:  Boiled Polluck and fish-livers with sides of potatoes, onions, and flat-bread (a cracker-type delivery system for the well-mixed ingredients above), a classic Norwegian combination. After that it was lights out so that we could start preparing gear in earnest on Sunday morning and be ready to strike as soon as the weather breaks here on the Island. 

The internet has been a little temperamental so forgive me if the posts are a little disjointed to begin with as I am 'clumping' a little more than usual. In fact, this is a bit of a test-post so I hope you read with a newfound sense of scientific discovery...

Our new Captain, Joakim

A much more nimble option for island-hopping on the "Jenni Sofie"

View as we depart Havoysund

The jigging machine ("nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah-nah")

Fairly certain this controls fishing line length...all I really recognize is an exponential scale though...

71 degrees north puts Ingoy well within the Arctic Circle

Retelle reaches for a shell-fragment in a layer beneath the dunes

Maddie finds a beaut!

Wind-blown tails of sand formed behind clams on the beach. The darker whisps are layers of garnet grains...

Quick trip to the produce section

Other essentials in the canned meat aisle

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