Sunday, August 20, 2017

8/20: Coring Prep.

With one week in the field, Sunday was spent primarily gearing up for what looks to be Tueday-Thursday's field work on the pond (based on the weather and getting a crucial piece of gear from Havoysund). Preparations included talking over logistics, testing the fit of interlocking field gear post-shipment, and most importantly, acting out the coring process from start to finish (more spoken word, less interpretive dance). Seriously though, to be sure that you are not caught with your Bergans down after being dropped off, with no way of fixing a problem out in the field, it is very beneficial to go through each and every part of a field-work process. This also gets all the members of the crew on the same page with regards to what needs to happen sequentially and leads to innovative discussions (like "Hey, why don't we try this in Bermuda?"). 

So, absent pretty pictures of Scandinavian landscapes due to fog and rain, I have some videos for those of you that may be wondering how the heck we are going to get mud:

If you were wondering what that piston-thing is for:

If you were wondering what type of coring we were going to employ: 

If you forged ahead through each of those without wondering any of those things, congrats, as you have the gumption, perseverance, and will power to succeed in science! My old advisor once said that science is 99% boring, but hey, that other 1% is pretty exciting (kind of like when I caught the voltage converter on fire today). Takk!

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