Friday, June 5, 2015

6/5: Want a better view of the island and Base Camp?

Want a better view and idea of the extent of the island of Ingoya? Here is a video edit from the Mtn. area that I got pictures from yesterday. Included are my handy labels that point out the location of points of interest.

Base Camp Update: Friday Morning
The ship's mast flags are out straight out due to a stiff west wind, there is a mix of rain/sleet blurring berating the glass and obscuring our view out of the windows, and the tundra gnomes and beach trolls  have retired to their hobbit holes in favor of hot tea and continuous streaming of "Frozen" on Amazon Prime. 
The flag atop Thorleifs mast
Accordingly, the team has opted for a data management morning and watching the weather at I've included below a little section in the blog below titled: What does a fully functioning base camp look like? 
The west wind ripping across the island, notice the small boats are in to camp and so are our neighbors...
Minor Commentary: As far as base camps go, the Sjøhus, is an excellent base camp that is a luxury resort compared to many of the field accommodations I've experienced in the Canadian Arctic (or places I've lived in Maine). Thorleif's place has all of the amenities needed to be out in the field "getting science done" and come back to a warm home and kitchen worry free. In short, we can't complain a bit. 
Dr. Retelle gives the thumbs up to data managements when the weather is poor.  
Trapezoidal stairway to the 'ground' floor (honors geometry had to
calculate the board feet used to build these stairs last month). 
This area is usually buzzing with fisherman turning fresh cod into filets around the clock 
There are many trap doors throughout the bottom floor because the entire Sjøhus is built on posts above the coastal bedrock and tides. 
Sjøhus foundation of posts

Walkway connecting the Sjøhus to the road

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