Monday, June 1, 2015

6/1: Dual GoPro Experiment Dredging for A. Islandica

Very tired tonight...not much writing/computer time left in the gas tank...please check out the link for the edit I just finished:

Plus, the daily image upload...g'night!

Breakfast: Seagull Eggs (free range, only available at the Whole Foods in Boulder, CO)
Dr. Retelle Approves 
Dr. Wanamaker and Maddie make a mean clam chowder but these aren't for eating (clam = friends, not food)
Very nice growth rings
The team concludes the day's field work with an impromptu meeting of the minds (now I realize why I wasn't invited). 
Also, please check out the SIPERG blog also keeping up with our expedition. Produced by Maddie and Al of Iowa State!

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