Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6/3: Biggest boat yet, great time to film one more Video Jeopardy...

3 times where the math answers saved our behinds today:

"How many meters in a fathom? Who measures in fathoms?"

"Crud. The coordinates are all in degree.decimals...what are they in degrees.minutes.decimals? Where are we?"

"If the scale on this map looks to be 1 cm = 4 km and gravel shoal you think the new group of Russians at camp will give us the small boat back?"

Great day with Erlend on his big boat out of the town harbor of Ingoy. Results and videos to follow. Just enough time to load a Video Jeopardy taken from the boat. Just mention the word trigonometry and you can clear the deck.

Do you have what it takes to stomach the rough seas of Northern Norway and trig at the same time?

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