Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6/2: Storming the Beaches of Rolfsoya

Capt. Carroll dropped off the infantry this morning on the beaches of Rolfsoya amidst wind and waves of a confused ocean. Having just gotten back, he said it was an "exciting" excursion and the team landed after 3 scouted attempts. Sam had waders, Julia had rain pants taped to waterproof boots, and Mike/Julia likely practiced maneuvers seen in the annual wife carrying contest of Bethel, Maine ("She's not heavy, she's my wife!"). 

Field Scientist Maddie 
The mission as planned for Michael, Al, Maddie, and I stands that we will depart here with Thorleif in the big boat to dredge for clams in somewhat more substantial waters. In the process, there is a chance we'll be able to catch some cod for dinner because we are running low on protein. Even so, we had a delicious potato casserole last night called "Tuna-Wiggle" concocted by the Retelle culinary combo. 

Michael and Maddie are out for a quick trip to release extra clams back to the bay not needed for analysis from yesterday's catch. Of those clams Maddie took measurements of the shell dimensions also marked some in hopes that we may catch them again in the future. It is always beneficial to be able to get data, release the specimen back into its natural habitat, and study it again in the future with the least amount of impact possible. 

Ok, I am getting called to load the big boat. Deadlines are the worst. Update later...

Yesterday's catch
Marked A. Islandica
You know it is something official when the calipers are out
The return of Capt. Carroll

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  1. Dan the dredging footage is really cool. Where is the Mike and Julia footage?