Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6/2 10:15PM: We got a bigger boat...

10:15 pm and everyone here is calling it quits for the day. The beach crew had an excellent day on Rolfsoya and we had a spectacular day on Thorleif's boat: bigger boat, bigger dredge. All day on the boat and then filling in any time (other than working the shovel at the dinner table!) editing means the writing portion of the blog will take the short end of the stick again (no tears from the picture crowd). More boat work tomorrow but the plans are just being finalized with the weather yet to show its cards...

Check out the youtube upload of the day's work...plus a bit of blooper reel footage worked in from our underwater cam...please forgive me for figuring out how to edit music in...at least it's banjo?

June 2 Work on Trollsund: We got a bigger boat...

To end today, here are two more from my 2015 Calendar "Computer Backgrounds of Arctic Norway," enjoy:

Views from the Hurtigruten
Views from Thorleif's deck

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