Wednesday, May 27, 2015

75% of the crew is present here in Tromso with 2 more meeting us along the way. Details were ironed out, non-perishable food items were bought at the local grocer (Eurospar!), and everyone came to the consensus that at 8 pm it was time to call it a night. Check up on home, sort personal gear, make sure to get a good night’s sleep, and be ready for the ocean-going leg of the journey that gets started at 6:30 pm tomorrow. 

Here are some quick pictures snapped from around Tromso this afternoon. There aren’t days built into a trip like this to take the afternoon off to go to the museum but you sure do appreciate the view when you’re cruising across town with an Igloo cooler stuffed to the gills with surveying equipment. 

Some other folks decided to drop by with their own ship
In a foreign town, nothing gives your colleagues a better target than a recognizable logo hung outside the window.  Scroll to the next picture to see my hotel room exterior a little closer...
Go Bobcats
One of the Hurtigruten fleet. Ours will look very similar tomorrow. 
Boats that mean business are also docked nearby courtesy of the Norwegian Coast Guard
...complete with catapult style life boats should the going get rough

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