Saturday, May 30, 2015

5/30: Thank you GoPro, Awesome Success

We couldn't be happier. The GoPro worked unbelievably well to capture footage of Arctica Islandica that hasn't been seen before. Oh, and there are lots and lots of clams in these waters. What is uploaded is just a fraction of what we managed to get. Please don't mind the videos of the camera going underwater and coming out as it is worth seeing how it starts and stops. Psyched here in Ingoya...sorry if the quality is low here but I will be working on fixing that...all video is from ~15-20 ft in depth in the Barents Sea, taken from the apparatus shown in the earlier post. All sites are close in proximity to areas previously sampled for this study. 

(Re-reading this a few hours later I realize this may not look earth shattering but it is what we get excited about...the other option to get a view like this is to travel to the bottom ourselves...nobody wants that)


Flounder if you look closely...

Bringing it in

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