Friday, May 29, 2015

5/29: Images in Transit #2 (Havoysund to Ingoya)

A light breakfast to start the day. Crepes, brown cheese, egg, meatballs, and mini-hot dogs (power food). This was plate 1 of 3. Fuel in the cold ocean wind is important. 
The Norwegian ferry service really, really likes to stay on time (they post the actual times that each ship will pass each other and where in the fjords weeks ahead of time). Accordingly, we operate under a 'healthy' fear of our transporters and have everything ready to be thrown out of the door the minute the doors open. 
Gear = tossed. Not our Kia in the background though. 
Left to right: Julia Savage, Sam Mark,  Mike Retelle, Al Wanamaker,  and Julie Retelle
On Thorleif's boat, headed for Ingoya
Home for the next 11 days in sight (after a long journey starting Tuesday in Maine)

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