Friday, May 29, 2015

5/28 Day: Packed, Ocean-Ready

Food is bought, bags are packed, and hotels are checked out of. The only thing left is to consolidate all of the gear and load the Hurtigruten (our ferry) for the trip to Havoysund, then Ingoya. It is almost unnerving to have everything taken care of with a few hours to spare. Hurry up and wait, then quadruple check/recheck to make sure you've got it all, 'cause if not...well...

In anticipation of things being very hectic with our moving of people and gear to camp, expect images to be uploaded whenever they are ready and explanations to follow...

The group minus Al (taking picture) and our friends yet to arrive. 
Mike verifying the list of needs, Al using his quick fingers to toss more on the list
We rolled the die in the grocery store, "outlook positive"
Cramped quarters buying food
Ost = Cheese, in this case each of those toothpaste-like containers are filled with different flavored cheese spreads. RekeOst is my favorite (we call it 'shrimp-whizz')
Fresh veggies in the arctic = good
Also good, Vermont's finest...that cooler definitely surprised me around the corner.
Do you think we can fit 10 days of food for 8 people in the taxi?
Cafe science discussions of isotope geochemistry and paleoclimate objectives...
Pouring over maps of our objective areas. Which paleo-beaches to try and excavate and survey for clams up to 6,000 years old...?

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