Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5/27: Arrived in Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle

In Tromso, no sleep given the red-eye flight from Newark to Oslo and 6 hour time change along the way, found the right bus (well, the only bus but it still counts), landed in the hotel...
Our plane was a Viking
Now starts the fun part in gearing up for the expedition proper. Two team members are here in Tromso and the others will be arriving scattered throughout the day. Food shopping to be done, gear to be packed, schedules referenced, and plans to be picked up by our fisherman friends in random coastal Norwegian towns confirmed.
Turns out the snow is still here

Here are a few of the pictures coming in to Tromso and my landing at the "Smart Hotel" where we'll get one night's respite. This is likely the last of the iPhone/iPad pictures and I will be sure to get some DSLR panoramas of around town this afternoon while we franticly storm it for provisions. The snow is still here but the sun is shining. Off to the races...
This is the whole (efficient) room...4 x 12 ft plus another 4 x 3 ft around the corner... 
Mini says it right...but what else do you really need?

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