Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8/26/2014: Sights cruising the coast of the Norwegian Arctic

This post is for everyone that sees blocks of text as a chore and knows the pictures are where it is really at. Keeping this brief, the Hurtigruten is a ship that I suggest to anyone that wants to see a coastline steeped in sheer cliffs, cirques, and fjords over blue waters. We occasionally pull into a port and the bow and stern thrusters sneak this 123 meter behemoth up to the dock as if the excavator tire bumpers were feather pillows. There are always folks waiting to get on and once in a while we get the chance to venture out and flood the locals with cameras and confusing cafe requests in English. Without delay, here are some sights on the way to Tromso...

Just setting out
The hills spring out of the water. The flatter areas are submerged by modern sea level and we only see the sheer cliffs eroded by glaciers.  
A rescue boat
Welcome to Hammerfest

Downtown park in Hammerfest 
Two shots of a local cemetery in Hammerfest

Local church in Hammerfest
Only caption for the next few: Norwegian Coastline

Our true photojournalist Randall taking in the scenery, single handedly holding up the Keck telescope
A look at where we've been 

Dr. Wanamaker enthusiastically guiding us through the scenery 

Stop #2: Oksfjord
Like in Maine, there isn't always an easy way to get from point to point. Accordingly, ferry service is quite prevalent to get across fjords and avoid long or nonexistent drives.

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