Friday, August 22, 2014

8/22/2014: Calm Seas Spell Big Hopes

A light east wind and the clouds are breaking.
 With the larger low pressure system in the south of Norway moving eastward, our seas and winds are calming. Around here it takes about 24 hours after the major gusts for the waves to chill out. Given these conditions we've formulated big plans for today, the most crucial of which concern Al's mission on the big boat to dredge in 200 meters of water for deep water clams showing a signal from the North Atlantic Current water mass (as opposed to the Norwegian Coastal Current). Determining the influence of these water bodies on this region is a crucial part of this research.

The hunters in camp were successful last night on oddly enough, Goose Island. Myself, I am currently in search of French Toast and the lesser known Corned Beef Hash Island because it is time to fuel up for the day. Off on the small boat to dredge, updates to follow.
This gaggle survived the twilight onslaught seeking refuge on the typically overlooked "Tofu Island."
Today's fun link: Check out this YouTube music video for the song "Happy," filmed by out friends up in Svalbard.


  1. Love the "Tofu Island" caption and thanks for the Svalbard "Happy" link. Sounds like a wonderful research trip. Thanks for recording it on your blog. JM

  2. Thank you! The "Happy" video is one of my favorites, true to the Norwegian Arctic. Also appreciate anyone that can find a smile in my 'far side' sense of humor. Just posted some videos with Capt. Ambrose you may enjoy. Cheers!