Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/21/2014 #3: Waves Check, Samples Check, Dinner Check

Dimitri knows Ingoya. 
Maddie, Al, and I joined Dimitri this afternoon in the small boat and had an adventure. We were able to collect water samples along the way to the bay holding the lander and made it all the way to the channel between Ingoya and Rolfsoya. We were hoping to spend some time on the north shore of Ingoya but the waves had a period of about 2 seconds and an amplitude of roughly of 3-4 meters. So, we commuted to work:
Once finished, we decided to take advantage of our location and do what I always say I will but never do: go fishing after work. Turns out I should do more work in the Norwegian Arctic…and befriend Dimitri with whatever bribes possible. After trying a few spots to come up with dinner/save a couple bucks for the rest of the week, we moved to the open ocean on the west side of Ingoya. The channel in between was amazing with gorgeous cliff views, the sun peaking through clouds, and fjords abundant at our backs. 
Shoot for the gap, just to the right of the big boat in between Inogya and Rolfsoya. Open ocean after that to Greenland.
With lines just off the bottom in 50 meters of water, the bite was on. Dimitri maintained a constant sly grin that said "Yup, this is it now." Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a scientist to fish and he'll figure out how to feed camp with both precision and accuracy for days to come. Thank you arctic ocean & Dimitri:
Dr. Al Fishacatcher with Dimitri in the background
Dan landing a fish, Dimitri ordering a pizza
Then there was the ride home...

We returned at 5 PM elated with science and fish slime. Noticed we had some visitors, took some boat-envy pictures, and asked if I could take their pictures, fresh in from their afternoon of fishing. They said "Ja, you are going to tell your friends and family that it is your catch!" I said "yes, yes I am." 
Luckily a lot of my family doesn't have internet.
Nice boat, they have more toys than ours 
Thank you for cleaning my fish
Finally, I was able to grab a quick pic of the ~100 shells picked yesterday by Maddie for analysis back in Iowa, neatly organized and clean around the corner. Nice work. Also of note: Irene and Rob finished servicing and deploying all of their gear which is a major success for any trip to the field. Nice work numero dos. Randall finished his first blog post for Discover online, a widely read internet publication masterfully done by our professional photo journalist in residence. 
Nice work numero tres. Here is the link:

Maddie's shell collection
I am now signing off for the night and will leave you with a bit of tour guiding on the way home from the afternoon adventures. My tail bone was sore, my mustache was salty, but this place and the people in this group have left me with a smile a mile long. 

One last thing, sorry. We are poised to break 1,000 page views tonight if I can get a rally. These folks are doing amazing things up here and this is one heck of a place. The more awareness of climate science, this research project, the people involved, and this incredible place I think the better and I encourage anyone to experience it any way they can. Their project actually benefits with every click that they can report back. I can also connect you up with Thorleif if you really want the true experience. If this is your first time to the blog, I encourage you to check out earlier posts for context. Have a great night.

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