Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/19/2014: Big Boat, Pull Equipment, Maybe Some Clams, Maybe Some Cod

8:44 Tuesday Morning: We have a plan. 

Every hour is important on overseas research trips and it is a good thing to have a plan even if it means a bit of hurry up and wait. This morning I will join the big boat shown above with Will, Rob, Al, Thorleif (the owner of our residence and the local whaling station). Rob is a researcher in ecology specializing in clam growth and has many current experiments taking place off shore. He is looking at the environmental conditions that produce clam growth characteristics which will be instrumental in our understanding of reconstructing climate using clams of the past. We will be hauling in his 'lander,' with environmental probes along with some of Michael's moorings and hopefully a few passes with the clam dredge. We will introduce Michael (not Mike shortly). The other groups consist of a small group heading out to test the smaller dredge with a small boat and Mike Retelle plans on completing the preliminary work on the raised beaches around Ingoya. These are the beaches that formed at times of higher sea level and will contain ancient clams within their sands. 

A view from the dock in the early AM hours
Al and Maddie hanging her poster on investigating clam growth in Norway 
Bustling around the house to get things going
The group discusses plans with Thorleif for the day (he is the boat captain)
The 'big boat'

I will update later on today but there are hopes that while we complete the science on the sea today we may get to cast the line for some cod for both isotopes and supper. Yum…over and out.
Getting ready for a day on the sea 
Bibs are a must in the sea and spray
Rob and Irene rigging the clam dredge
A close up of the working end of the clam dredge
Michael working through his gear box before taking off in the small boat


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