Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/2014: Ingoya at Last (please click on pictures to enlarge, it is worth it)

Home at last
Hello All,

Ingoya at last and it has been worth the while. I am posting these images to show you the progression to the island of Ingoya from, waking on the Hurtigruten, where our science will commence in earnest tomorrow. Captions will follow but I encourage suggestions from the outside and they will be posted…within reason (that includes you professors). So for now, these are the shots that were deemed above the rest though there are hundreds more (please take note of the patriotic Norwegian section). I am averaging about ~300 pictures per day and that is from someone that up until participating in scientific research hated taking pictures. "Live in the now" as Garth would say. Well, to allow that to happen for both of us, here they go:

Rain showers in the distance across the bay
The breakfast bar first thing Monday AM
I was told I have an odd taste: Brun-Ost, Yogurt with mixed nuts, and a meatball. Yum
Randall pointing to Ingoya, one stop and then the fast boat ride 'home'
Wind energy alive in the fjords of Norway
Here comes the sister boat: NORDNORGE
These things ain't small
Arrived at Havoysun, time to get the gear to the fast ferry

Typical views in Havoysun
The fast ferry (I can call this a ferry)

We found a local motel that would tolerate scientists having their first full meeting to go over logistics and the history of the project
Lunch in town
A 200 year old anchor pulled up by a local fisherman by mistake in the 50's 
Aboard the fast ferry to Rolfsoya and then Ingoya
Like in Maine, these ferries bring both people but also freight: lumber, food, etc. 
Al and Maddie aboard the boat stopping at Rolfsoya
Picturesque Rolfsoya (I should work in their tourism office)

Now begins the patriotic section (get out your sweaters and nordic skis)
We are now cruising toward Ingoya
The weather is perfect
The gap between Ingoya and Rolfsoya islands
Ingoya is our island on the top with Rolfsoya just below (remember we are at the top of Norway)
Flag Series Image #3: Nordkapp (north point)
Dr. Ambrose I presume?
Ok, so our ferry pilot navigated this slalom course between marker poles and certain 'sinking' via gnarly rock outcrops while tipping back the last of his coffee. There was no let-off on the throttle. We were impressed.
Approaching the boat house that will be our home
Net drying racks next to our residence
Thorleif's fleet of boats: mostly 16-18 ft aluminum boats with a fairly wide berth and 50 hp four stroke outboards 
These geese were incubated here on Ingoya last winter and are now a constant presence,  as is their excrement (anyone that has lived with geese knows)
The smoke house in the foreground of the Ingoya compound
This scene suggests it could easily be the coast of Maine
The catwalk down to the boats
View from the boathouse dock
The interior (kitchen/living room) of our house
The crew in a less formal shot

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