Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/17/2014: Quick Update Prior to Mayhem

Today being another travel day, the next 24 hours will hectic. We have to get all of the gear and people to the Hurtigruten and this is no small feat given the bike race and our team being spread all over Tromso (finding hotels is hard). The group met in earnest last night for the first time and we are all very psyched to be getting even further north. We have one member still to join and it should be interesting given that the bike race prevents his passage by vehicle to town proper. Accordingly, there are plans that I may be meeting him across town with a cart for his larger luggage and traveling rickshaw fashion throughout the streets of Tromso to get his gear to the boat. Sounds like fun to me. So, if there is a small lag in posting it is because we are motoring the fjords of the Nordkapp overnight and I think the journey should be epic so stay tuned for posts from the water. Wish us luck and the wind in our sails because Ingoya here we come.

That last sentence was supposed to be the classic 'ender' but on my way outside I ran into bike race just starting. I got a couple pics from far away but beat feet over to a section I thought they'd be passing shortly. Here's the video and a picture of these guys cruising through the downhill and corners.

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