Thursday, August 14, 2014

8/14/2014: Oslo or Bust

This will be a rather light & quick post because it is being created at 3 am our time in the Oslo airport. No math/science terms, only soreness from 7 hour plane rides. This is more of a picture documentary for those who have not had much experience “getting there” in the world of international travel. No complaints here though because I just saw a menacing Norwegian security officer go whizzing by on a razor scooter. 

Quick run down of the steps to get to mainland Norway:

  1. Frantically pack at 5am in SoPo,ME then to Salem, NH for bus transport to Logan (BOS). Think to yourself the night before “I’ve done this plenty of times” then hate yourself in the morning. 
Don't forget the Tobasco!
2. Salem, NH to BOS via bus to catch first domestic flight. Get really confused on the limits of engaging the bus driver in conversation. She seemed rather chatty actually.

Please choose a policy...

3. Weather roles in, planes gets delayed, ponder the frequency of flights of out NJ to Oslo and the ripple effects of missing it. Finally leave BOS in the air to go exactly the opposite direction of Norway to Newark, ah Newark. 

At least it gave us time to peruse the “Northern Cookbook,” one the Retelle’s received as a wedding present years ago and find such scrumptious concoctions as below:

Click to enlarge and be amazed…you should have seen the 'Seal fin flambe'
4. Make flight to Oslo from Newark with at least 10 minutes to spare. Board plane, turns out my hips are wider than the average Norwegian and find that the subtlest of hip wiggles can change both volume & channel on the mini-screen in front of me. The one saving grace of the SAS (Scandinavian Air Service) was that each mini-monitor had numerous free movies and a front facing and downward facing camera outside the plane for those in the middle seats. 

Also, many other fancy trip monitoring features.

Bye Portland

Fun Video/Audio fact: Understanding Norwegian pilot's updates is hard. See if you can make out the little voice in the background mid-way through. 

5. This is being written as Julie Retelle and I sit at gate 20 in the Oslo airport waiting to board for Tromso. There we will have a bit of a respite and tackle field logistics over the next couple days before heading out by boat. The Oslo airport is a lively place overflowing with blonde people and shrimp sandwiches. I just ate a hot dog and feel appropriately gross for travel. In order you will find an overview photo of the check-in area, a room for silent prayer/meditation, the place I got my Norwegian hot dog, and official people loving their jobs on scooters.

See you in Tromso...

Tromso Located in Red and a bit above the Arctic Circle. We will be working a ways north at the tip of the mainland. Oh, and the World Chess Olympiad along with the Arctic Extreme Bike Rice are happening in town this weekend.

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